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Wire Wrapped Cowrie Shell and Sea Glass Pendant

Wire Wrapped Cowrie Shell and Sea Glass Pendant


Made with Love in Hawaii

Wire Type Cowrie Shell: Sterling Silver Square Wire, 20-Ga., Dead-Soft

Wire Type Sea Glass: Sterling Silver Round Wire, 20-Ga., Dead-Soft

Chain: Sterling Silver 1.3mm Oval Cable Chain


Embark on a journey of island charm with our exquisitely crafted two-tiered pendant, featuring a handpicked cowrie shell and a mesmerizing piece of handpicked sea glass. This unique combination captures the essence of the ocean's beauty and the artistry of nature's treasures.


Cowrie Shell: Symbol of Oceanic Abundance and Love

The upper tier of this pendant boasts a handpicked cowrie shell, a timeless symbol of oceanic abundance and love. Each shell is a testament to the mysteries and wonders of the sea. The wire-wrapped design accentuates the shell's natural contours, creating a harmonious blend of elegance and nature.


Sea Glass: Tides of Tranquility and Transformation

The lower tier features a carefully chosen piece of sea glass, weathered by the tides and transformed into a jewel by nature. Sea glass is known to carry the soothing energies of the ocean, promoting tranquility and embodying the beauty of change. 


Aloha Spirit Infused:

This two-tiered pendant is infused with the Aloha spirit, embodying the profound connection between humanity and the 'Āina, the land. 

We recommend that you remove your Pinto & Tioga  jewelry before showering, swimming, sleeping, or  exercising. Copper, silver, and bronze naturally darken  over time due to oxidation. To remove tarnish from  your jewelry, rub the item with a polishing cloth as  needed.

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