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Hello and welcome! We are the creators and owners of Pinto & Tioga. We developed the name of our company influenced by two places very near and dear to our hearts - our grandparent's homes. We spent many days of our childhood on Pinto Lane at our Grandma and Grandpa Ashworth's house, and Tioga Way at our Grandma and Grandpa Chappell's house. The memories and experiences in those homes have shaped us into the women we are today. 

We are so grateful for the opportunity to share our creations with you.



Danielle is an incredibly talented graphic designer and hand letterer and is one of the two of our graphic designers. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, she’s an excellent seamstress, pianist, and an avid journaler. Everything she designs is beautiful. A paper napkin sketch by her is worthy of framing. She cares deeply about people and has a sweet heart with a dash of sass. She currently works as a freelance web designer and has been married to her husband, Ben, since 2019. 

About Danielle


Celeste is a graphic designer. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design and has a passion for illustration, interior design, and creative projects. She works as a freelance graphic designer and REALTOR© In Iowa City. She loves being around people and making them happy. She has been married to her husband Tyler since 2012 and they have 2 darling daughters.

About Celeste


Amber is a one-stop-shop for talent! She is one of the two of our jewelry designers and creators. In addition to her talents as a jewelry designer, she is also a massage therapist, hairstylist, floral designer, And wedding and event planner. She has a heart of gold and is a light of joy.

About Amber


Alexandra has a keen eye for design and is an exceptionally talented creator. She has a Bachelor of Science in Health,Society, and Policy and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. She loves crafting, skiing, and has plans to apply for Law school. She lived in France and is fluent in French. She has been married to her husband Nate since 2018.

About Alexandra


Faith has a great sense of style and trends and awesome artistic and musical talent! She is currently working on a business and marketing degree and enjoys singing/songwriting, and sleeping. She has a hilarious sense of humor and a genuine and sincere heart.

About Faith


Elese is a busy mom of two active boys! She got her degree in Exercise Science from Dixie State University where she met her soul mate, Cody. She loves running, playing board games and spending time with her family.

About Elese


Brooke is a beautiful and salty land mermaid living on Hawaii’s North Shore with her husband Nathan and their constantly growing cat babies which are all named after Star Trek characters. Brooke loves going to the beach in her free time. She collects sea glass from the shores of Hawaii and handcrafts them into beautiful and unique jewelry pieces sharing a little piece of Aloha with those of us on the mainland. Brooke also creates stunning wire wrapped gemstone pieces. Brooke has a Bachelor of Science in Philosophy and is an avid reader, loves listening to true crime podcasts and watching crime TV shows, has a beautiful garden complete with vegetables, and has been vegetarian since 2016. 

About Brooke
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