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Wire Wrapped Cowrie Shell and Amazonite Pendant

Wire Wrapped Cowrie Shell and Amazonite Pendant


Made with Love in Hawaii

Shell: Cowrie

Crystal: Amazonite

Wire Type: Sterling Silver Square Wire, 20-Ga., Dead-Soft

Chain: Sterling Silver 1.3mm Oval Cable Chain


Embrace Hawaiian Harmony with our Cowrie Shell and Amazonite Tiered Pendant Necklace:

Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of Hawaii with our unique tiered pendant necklace, a harmonious blend of a handpicked cowrie shell from the North Shore of O'ahu and the serene energy of Amazonite crystal.


North Shore Cowrie Shell: A Symbol of Abundance and Prosperity

This necklace is adorned with a carefully selected cowrie shell, echoing the abundance and prosperity of the ocean. Handpicked from North Shore, O'ahu, each shell is a symbol of love, respect, and admiration for the 'Āina. The wire-wrapped design delicately enhances the shell's intrinsic beauty, celebrating nature's intricate creations.


Amazonite Crystal: Tranquil Energies of the Pacific

The tiered pendant also features an Amazonite crystal, resonating with the calming energies of the Pacific. Amazonite is believed to promote harmony, balance, and open communication. As you wear this necklace, let the soothing vibrations of Amazonite guide you towards a state of tranquility and mindfulness.


Aloha Spirit Infused:

Our tiered pendant necklace is infused with the Aloha spirit, deeply rooted in Hawaiian culture. It goes beyond being a mere accessory; it's a symbol of the love and connection between humanity and the 'Āina. 'Āina, meaning the land, embodies the essence of Hawaii's natural beauty and the profound connection between people and the environment. Wear it with pride, carrying a piece of Hawaii's beauty and the spirit of 'Āina wherever you go.

We recommend that you remove your Pinto & Tioga  jewelry before showering, swimming, sleeping, or  exercising. Copper, silver, and bronze naturally darken  over time due to oxidation. To remove tarnish from  your jewelry, rub the item with a polishing cloth as  needed.

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